Race DuLac 2013

Group photo

New Acadiana Bicycle Racing Giant TCR Advanced bike.

This is the new Giant TCR Advanced race geometry bike which has the new overdrive headset and the new monster Giant stem.

Everyone Likes Acadana Bicycle Company

The team kits are finally in. Even the dragonflys love the new kits!

Team ABC award winners

2013 Acadiana Bicycle Racing Team year end party

"Shut UP Legs!" Jens Voit

Tour de La Race Experience >>RR>>(masters 40+)

Cycling Rain Umbrella

  I’ve officially renamed this race Tour de La Nino` for all the rain. How can 30% Saturday and 20% Sunday turn into 200% all weekend? I don’t know either but it did. We drove through a few showers heading to the race- nothing to cry about. Right when we got to the RR I told Kevin we better put …

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Masters Race Recap – 2012 Feliciana Road Race

Extreme Pita Racing

The masters didn’t take off until 9:30, so this was one of the few times we could actually leave at daylight. I smashed down about 2 eggs and 3 waffles before jumping in Kevin’s car – and off we were. We got there and man I knew it was going to be a hot one. I drank 2 pedia Lytes …

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LAMBRA Racing Rapides Masters Crit 2012

Racing Rapides 2012 Masters Criterium Glenn And Kevin

Thanks to the ABC riders who came out this weekend for Racing Rapides.  Glenn took second overall in Masters with the support of our team-mates. Special thanks to Mark, Judith, Dion, Dustin, and Ryan Foster, who rode the unusually long sixty-four mile course. Masters Road Race Report: After a few miles, Kevin was in a break away with about four …

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What makes a GREAT training partner?

Pope Ciclismo ToC Stage Seven

Yes! Back by popular demand(ok one person asked) it is I, Bike and the Fat Man, here with a question for all who ride in some of the local groups…what makes a great training partner? Seems like an easy question but is it really. I personally think you first have to look at your current physical fitness (or in my …

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Acadiana Bicycle Company Race Team Jersey

2012 ABC Jersey

The 2012 Acadiana Bicycle Company Race team jersey proof has been finished by Champion Systems and approved. The next step is to get the artwork for the shorts approved. There is a 6 to 8 week process time for creating the uniforms once the artwork is approved for both the shorts and the jersey. We should be getting the uniform …

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Saturday Bike Ride from Prejean’s Restaurant

2011 Prejeans Cycling RideIMG 1029

Cycling in Louisiana and great cajun cuisine go hand-in-hand here in Lafayette Louisiana. This Saturday morning at 8am the local cycling race team hosted a bike ride from Prejean’s award winning Cajun cuisine restaurant. the ride was great and the food was even better.

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Key Realty’s Deborah Schwartz Sponsors Local Cycling Race Team

House For Sale4

Today, Key Realty agent Deborah Schwartz has become a proud sponsor of the local Cajun Cyclists Race Team. Deborah is licensed to buy and sell homes in all areas of Louisiana and is looking forward to working with the cycling community. Give her a call and let her know you are a cyclists. She can work with you to find the home of your …

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Pictures From The 2011 Senior Olympics Cycling Road Race in Louisiana

2011 Senior Olympics IMG 10241

Today the Cajun Cyclists Race team hosted the 2011 Senior Olympics cycling road race in Louisiana. The course was a 10k road race which looped through the Milton area’s back roads. There was beautiful weather, scenery, and great competition. Don’t believe “Senior” means slow. The overall winner “Jed Darby” won the cat 3 road race championship last year. These guys were …

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King and Kingdom

Q 09TCYCLINGSC 3267 T607

That is what I felt like…a king in his kingdom! Let me explain…I picked up my new baby on Friday! That is right the fat man is on the road with a true road bike. She is a beauty too. The reason behind the whole king and kingdom statement is because that is the way the people at Capitol Cyclery …

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Giddy like a school girl

Bicycle With Gas Powered Engine

I know I will get some slack for this title but I think that is the only expression I can come up with for how I feel. In one week, Oct 21st, I will be celebrating my birthday (26th) by purchasing my first true road bike. Yes you have read that correctly, your friendly fat man will be joining the …

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