Race DuLac 2013

Group photo

New Acadiana Bicycle Racing Giant TCR Advanced bike.

This is the new Giant TCR Advanced race geometry bike which has the new overdrive headset and the new monster Giant stem.

Everyone Likes Acadana Bicycle Company

The team kits are finally in. Even the dragonflys love the new kits!

Team ABC award winners

2013 Acadiana Bicycle Racing Team year end party

"Shut UP Legs!" Jens Voit

We don’t die…We Multiply!!!

Schlumberger Cycling Club Ms 150

I know it has been a while since I sent out a blog, but Ihave been very busy. I first want to thank everyone who prayed for me to get a new job. I can say I am working making more then I have ever before. Honestly,it really isn’t the money that makes this job great (it sure doesn’t hurt …

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A bit geeky and sentimental

Kid Trampoline Blue Sky

Yup, I made the plunge and have Captial put my bike on hold. Let me explain how I came to putting this bike in my repetoire. I started off looking for plush bikes…meaning a bike I could do endurance rides on but if I want to push for the line it will give me everything it has (or the little …

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Why do I ride?

Cycling Sunset Through Trees

When tubby here was playing with his girls, I could not catch my breath after just 10 minutes of playing with them. I said enough is enough, so I researhed on things I could do because of my surgeries. Cycling seemed like the best option. My wife first got me a stationary and about a month later I picked up …

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My First Group Ride

Group Ride Lafayette La

Writers Note: Yes, I have moved. It was great posting at Cajun Cyclist but Alex asked for me to post here…so here I am. Figured it would not over load their site with my dribble. Before anyone ask, no I do not use Jed as my endurance trainer (but would if I could) so this is just merely entertainment for …

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Southern Comfort

Cycling Tractor

Sure you have the chance to be mauled by a bear or a mountain lion up north (would not be much fun), but what scares me most is pea gravel. Just think, with those big mountains come big descents( I love descents by the way). You coming down doing about 40 mph and hit a patch of pea gravel, I …

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In every race, 10% are racing and 90% are touring. If you are not off the front in a break, you are touring.