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Masters Race Recap – 2012 Feliciana Road Race

The masters didn’t take off until 9:30, so this was one of the few times we could actually leave at daylight. I smashed down about 2 eggs and 3 waffles before jumping in Kevin’s car – and off we were.

We got there and man I knew it was going to be a hot one. I drank 2 pedia Lytes on the way there and still didn’t have to take a whiz. Got the numbers pinned on and took a good long look at the field participants mentally playing the race out in my head. I didn’t know much about the course, but I knew Red bug hill was just before the finish – OUCH. I spoke to others in the race and said we just have to take turns covering attacks – hoping one of us could get away from Donald or Ed Novak.

The first lap I just wanted to take in as much as I could to learn the course before the finale’. [pullquote1 quotes=”true”]Kevin warned me to be attentive for the first lap because there was a prime and the race might separate.[/pullquote1]
Well – just like Kevin predicted, Jerry Simon jumped for the prime which caused a huge separation all the way up the hill and I remember just hammering trying to stay on Ed then Donald’s wheel. I took a few pulls and looked back and sure enough – 75% of the field was still there. I gave up when I saw that. On the 2nd lap there were a couple of attacks from the numerous Midsouth riders – but nothing was given much effort. Next thing you know – Ed Novak flys by at Mach 1 with nobody on his tail. I thought to myself this could be bad – but nobody panicked and Kevin did some pacing and I could see he had his jersey open and was hurting out there on his own – and we still had another 30 miles to go. After that episode – we hit Jones Vaughn Creek Road and there was a MidSouth attack and was countered by Donald – which was a huge interval. He looked back after a mile and noticed the pack was still on his wheel but gasping – he continued on at about 30+ mph for the next 3 miles. I was seeing double after trying to stay on his wheel but I managed to hold on somehow. The last lap was now upon us and Kevin told me he would pace the final hill and find a good wheel. After that I felt a couple of twitches in the leg and told Kevin there is a possible plan B – to be prepared to be on his own up Red bug Hill then the finish and to just go for it for himself. One guy got away with about 2 miles and he looked like he could climb – so Kevin was pulling this guy back just before the climb then there was the final climb. It was a good pace up the hill not too fast for cramps and not too slow for surges. I was through the climb and was trying to quickly recover because there was the finish line in 500 meters. I had to muscle some dude off of Dons wheel because I knew it was the best wheel to have for the ensuing sprint. We started cranking up the speed after the climb and I tried to stay right after getting off of Dons wheel to see if anyone was coming up fast – but a crafty NOBC guy (Mark) snuck up on my right side between me and the shoulder and I missed his jump. I had at least a bike length to make up but he smoked me out right.

Once again – I had a great time racing this Memorial Day weekend and thanks to my team mates for the help. I’m starting to get tired now. LOL…

LAMBRA Racing Rapides Masters Crit 2012

Thanks to the ABC riders who came out this weekend for Racing Rapides.  Glenn took second overall in Masters with the support of our team-mates.

Special thanks to Mark, Judith, Dion, Dustin, and Ryan Foster, who rode the unusually long sixty-four mile course.

Masters Road Race Report:

After a few miles, Kevin was in a break away with about four other riders.  Meanwhile, Glenn and Ed disrupted rotations to protect Kevin’s lead.  The break stayed away for about seven miles, until the pack started chasing hard.

Mid-race, two 55+ riders launched a substantial and sustained break away.  It took the combined effort of many riders to pull them back.

This was really Kevin’s race.  We were working for him, so he took one last opportunity get away.  This time, by himself, with support from Glenn and Ed in the pack.

All this before turning on to Long Leaf Scenic Byway.  This fourteen mile stretch at the end of the race separated the climbers from the rest.  By the approach to the 300 meter finish climb, there were only five riders, who had not been shed by the brutality of the landscape.  Among them, Glenn Richard.

An Oklahoma Velo rider led out the final sprint.  Glenn, not usually a climber, gave it everything he had to beat the third place finisher by a wheel length.

Time Trial:

It’s always hard to do a time trial after a demanding road race.  It’s not like getting on the bike with fresh legs at the beginning of a training ride.  This would again be a test of climbing.

Riders marked the decent with speeds of 35-40 mph or more.

Glenn had an outstanding time to keep his top-three placing in the GC.  Kudos to all of our riders, who brought the pain, even with mechanical problems.

Masters Criterium:

[pullquote1 quotes=”true”]So the pressure was on Glenn for the criterium.[/pullquote1]
Glenn needed four seconds to reclaim second place in the GC.  Kevin, Ed, and Glenn made a plan and went in with guns blazing.  Anything that went off the front, Kevin chased it down.  The race was full of preem laps for either the 40+ riders or the 55+’s, all racing together.  Unfortunately, everyone had to sprint for both, so riders would not get away.  The 40+ hot spot followed the 55+.  There was no time to set up for a lead out, but Kevin was there again, pulling for Glenn.

In Masters, the race was supposed to be Kevin’s, but ended up working out for Glenn.  That’s what working together as a team can mean in a stage race or any race.  It’s about those who place, the unsung heroes, and all the riders who give it their best in team colors.

Thanks again to our riders who turned out, we encourage all team-mates to join us in the upcoming LAMBRA races.

Saturday Bike Ride from Prejean’s Restaurant

Cycling in Louisiana and great cajun cuisine go hand-in-hand here in Lafayette Louisiana. This Saturday morning at 8am the local cycling race team hosted a bike ride from Prejean’s award winning Cajun cuisine restaurant. the ride was great and the food was even better.
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Key Realty’s Deborah Schwartz Sponsors Local Cycling Race Team

Today, Key Realty agent Deborah Schwartz has become a proud sponsor of the local Cajun Cyclists Race Team. Deborah is licensed to buy and sell homes in all areas of Louisiana and is looking forward to working with the cycling community. Give her a call and let her know you are a cyclists. She can work with you to find the home of your dreams. She even has a dream home finder page on her website. On the dream home finder you sign up for alerts based on your criteria and she hand picks listing to send you as houses become available which meet your requirements.

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